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Sid - Retro Atomic Cat

1 pm
Virtual Location
$15 Per Seat
Be amazed at what you did; paint with Sid! Recommended Supplies: (use what you have or find supplies at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, Dollar Store, etc.) BRUSHES: 2 or 3 brushes: one flat (1” or 1/2”) and one or two rounds (9 or 10, and a smaller detail brush). CANVAS: Dollar Store sells canvas of various sizes and art supplies (choose your favorite size). ACRYLIC PAINTS: White, black, yellow, blue, red. A paper plate will work well to mix colors. Water in a cup for brush cleaning, and paper towels optional. If you would like Cheers Pablo to provide you with a paint supply kit for this class, (paints, brushes, canvas) for an additional $20, please indicate that in the Notes section on your registration and we will contact you for pickup/payment details. Remember, this is “Fun Art not Fine Art” … anything will do. Cheers!

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